Fitted wardrobes Vs freestanding

Are fitted wardrobes better than free standing? In our opinion yes, with a variety of design options available any for any room type or size, fitted wardrobes give you unlimited choices when it comes to your bedroom furniture.

But lets take a closer look at the benefits and disadvantages of both options in detail, to help you make a more educated decision for your home.


Are Fitted Wardrobes Better Than Free-Standing? A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to optimizing bedroom storage, the age-old debate often revolves around fitted wardrobes versus free-standing ones.

Both options offer unique benefits and have their limitations. In this article, we’ll dissect the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make an informed decision.

Fitted Wardrobes


  1. Customization: Our fitted wardrobes in Bournemouth can be tailored to meet specific dimensions, designs, and storage needs, offering a personalized solution for your room.
  2. Space Maximization: By using the full height of the room and fitting snugly into alcoves or unusual spaces, fitted wardrobes ensure that no space is wasted.
  3. Seamless Look: With a bespoke design, fitted wardrobes integrate seamlessly into a room’s décor, often enhancing its aesthetic value.
  4. Potential Value Addition: Fitted wardrobes can sometimes increase the resale value of a home or make it more appealing to potential buyers due to their custom, integrated nature.
  5. Efficient Internal Storage: Many fitted wardrobes come with a range of internal storage solutions, from drawers to shoe racks, maximizing their utility.


  1. Cost: Customization and installation often mean that fitted wardrobes are more expensive than their free-standing counterparts.
  2. Permanence: Once installed, relocating or removing a fitted wardrobe can be challenging and might require professional help.
  3. Potential Damage: Removing a fitted wardrobe might cause damage to the walls or flooring, requiring repairs.

Free-Standing Wardrobes


  1. Flexibility: Free-standing wardrobes can be easily moved, allowing for room reconfiguration or relocation to a different home.
  2. Variety: Available in various styles, sizes, and materials, there’s a wide market range to choose from, often at different price points.
  3. Quick Setup: Most free-standing wardrobes can be quickly set up without professional help, making them convenient for those who might move frequently.
  4. Resale Potential: If ever you decide to change your wardrobe, good-quality free-standing wardrobes can be sold, recuperating some of the initial investment.


  1. Space Limitation: Free-standing wardrobes might not use room spaces as efficiently as fitted ones, potentially wasting alcoves or vertical space.
  2. Stability: They can sometimes be less stable than fitted wardrobes, especially if heavily loaded or on uneven floors.
  3. Gaps: Unlike fitted wardrobes that can span wall-to-wall, free-standing ones might leave gaps that accumulate dust or become wasted space.

Deciding between fitted and free-standing wardrobes boils down to individual needs, preferences, and budget.

If you’re seeking a long-term, custom solution that integrates seamlessly with your space, a fitted wardrobe might be the ideal choice.

However, if flexibility, variety, and the potential for change appeal to you, then a free-standing wardrobe could be the way to go.

Regardless of the choice, ensuring quality and functionality will guarantee a wardrobe that serves you well.


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