What is the difference between fitted and built in wardrobes?

The very short answer is, there is no difference. Both built in and fitted technically mean the same thing, a unit attached, fitted or built in to your walls and bedroom.

Still, lets check out some reasons why you people get hung up on terminology and the similarities in both terms

Fitted vs. Built-In Wardrobes: Is There Really a Difference?

When it comes to optimizing the storage space in our homes, particularly in our bedrooms, wardrobes stand out as an essential furniture item.

There are various styles and types of wardrobes available in the market, but two terms that often pop up are “fitted” and “built-in” wardrobes. Many people are left scratching their heads, wondering whether there’s a difference between the two. The simple truth? There isn’t any.


  • Fitted Wardrobes: These are wardrobes that are designed to fit into a specific space in a room. They can be customized to match the dimensions and aesthetics of a particular area, ensuring that no space is wasted. Since these wardrobes are built to order, they seamlessly integrate with the room’s design and layout.

  • Built-In Wardrobes: The term “built-in” also refers to wardrobes that are constructed within a specific space in a room, essentially merging with the room’s structure. They too can be tailored to specific dimensions and design preferences.

Key Similarities:

  1. Customization: Both fitted and built-in wardrobes can be customized according to the homeowner’s requirements. This includes the size, design, material, color, and interior configurations such as shelves, drawers, and hanging space.

  2. Space Utilization: One of the primary advantages of both types of wardrobes is their ability to maximize space. They utilize the room’s exact dimensions, ensuring there are no gaps or wasted areas.

  3. Seamless Integration: Both wardrobes provide a sleek, seamless look as they integrate perfectly with the room’s layout, whether it’s under a sloped ceiling, between two walls, or around a window.

Points of Confusion:

The overlap in definitions and characteristics can lead to confusion, making people believe they are two separate things. However, the terms “fitted” and “built-in” are often used interchangeably in the furniture and interior design industry. The focus is more on the fact that they are built to fit a specific space rather than being standalone or freestanding wardrobes.


Whether you come across a wardrobe described as “fitted” or “built-in,” know that they essentially mean the same thing.

Both types offer homeowners the chance to make the most out of their available space while ensuring their storage solutions are in harmony with the room’s design.

When considering a built in or fitted wardrobe for your home in Bournemouth, it’s more important to focus on quality, design, and customization options rather than getting bogged down in terminology.

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