Do fitted wardrobes make the room look bigger?

Fitted wardrobes can make your room look and feel bigger depending on their design. Adding features such as mirrors can drastically effect the amount of natural light in a room, giving the illusion of more space .

But lets delve a little deeper and see some of the options and designs of how and why fitted wardrobes can make a room look bigger.

How Fitted Wardrobes Can Make Your Room Look Bigger: An Explorative Guide

The way furniture is positioned and designed in a room can drastically alter the perception of its size.

Fitted wardrobes, a sought-after feature in modern interior design, not only provide organized storage but can also enhance the visual spaciousness of a room.

Let’s delve into the mechanics of how fitted wardrobes achieve this transformation and make your room look more expansive.

Streamlined Design:

Our fitted wardrobes in Bournemouth are tailored to the exact measurements of a space. Whether they’re reaching from floor to ceiling or wall to wall, their custom nature ensures that no space is wasted. This streamlined design provides:

  1. Uniformity: The seamless integration of the wardrobe creates continuous lines in the room, which naturally leads the eye and gives a feeling of spaciousness.
  2. Elimination of Clutter: With the capability to store various items neatly, from clothes and shoes to accessories, there’s less need for additional storage units, which can make the room feel crowded.

Reflective Surfaces:

Many fitted wardrobes come with mirrored doors, which have a dual benefit:

  1. Reflection: Mirrors can double the perceived depth of a room by reflecting its space.
  2. Light Amplification: Mirrored surfaces amplify natural and artificial light, making rooms brighter and, by extension, larger.

Cohesive Colour Schemes:

By matching or complementing the wardrobe’s colour with the room’s palette, you can:

  1. Blend Boundaries: A cohesive color scheme can blur the boundaries between the wardrobe and the room’s walls, giving the illusion of more space.
  2. Use Light Colors: Lighter hues naturally make a space feel open and airy. Opting for a light-colored fitted wardrobe can enhance this effect.

Vertical Emphasis:

Fitted wardrobes often stretch from floor to ceiling, drawing the eye upward:

  1. Height Illusion: By emphasizing the height of the room, they can make spaces feel loftier.
  2. Maximized Storage: The vertical design also ensures that storage space extends to areas that might otherwise be unused, reducing the need for other storage solutions that could clutter the room.

Internal Organization:

While the outside of the wardrobe impacts room perception, the inside plays a role too:

  1. Efficient Storage Solutions: Modern fitted wardrobes can come equipped with a variety of storage options, from hanging spaces to drawers and shelves. This efficient use of space reduces the need for external furniture.
  2. Minimalist Approach: With everything in its place inside the wardrobe, there’s less on display, adhering to a minimalist style that’s known to amplify room spaciousness.

Fitted wardrobes, with their bespoke design and multi-functional attributes, do more than just store. They redefine space, extend boundaries, and embrace light, ultimately leading to rooms that not only look but also feel bigger.

If maximizing the perception of space is a priority, a well-designed fitted wardrobe can be a game-changer for your interior decor.

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