Thomas Matthew Kitchens & Furniture

A Family Affair

The company is founded by two brothers, Thomas & Matthew O’Grady, each of us have an eye for detail and desire for perfection in our chosen fields and the work we produce for our clients.

Thomas first started his career as a decorator, learning the art of fine finishing under both his father and grandfather. After completing his apprenticeship, he soon set off to establish his own painting & decorating company, becoming an accomplished decorator in his own right.

Beginning to specialize in kitchen and furniture restoration along side decorating, he soon began to realise this was where his passion lay, deciding to ditch the decorating and start a finishing & spray shop.

Matthew was trained as a traditional cabinet making joiner, working on bespoke joinery projects right from the very start. With the driving desire & vision to one day found his own company and he studied & learnt anything and everything he could about kitchens, joinery, furniture making, the suppliers needed and the business during his 4 year apprenticeship, acting like a sponge trying to absorb as much information as he could. After completing his apprenticeship he moved on to further his education of the industry, at this point Matthew had a very good knowledge of building bespoke projects in the workshop but only a small amount of fitting experience. There was a gap in what he needed to know to get to where he wanted to be. He found where he needed to be, going on to train as a fitter for a high end kitchen company. It was here that he learnt to fit bespoke kitchens, wardrobes, libraries, and furniture. When Matthew wasn’t on site fitting he was furthering his education in the workshop being trained to manufacture and fit Corian and Solid surface worktops in. This was a time of real commitment to the vision and dream for him, working extremely long hours. Normal working hours became and have now stayed a thing of the past. Once his knowledge was well round and enough to properly serve his clients he set out on his own.

After both having success in their chosen crafts, Thomas & Matthew began to recognized their shared vision and commitment to creating a truly unparalleled service, Thomas Matthew kitchens was born, the rest is history…

Why Use Us

We are a family run business and an incredibly close knit team of highly ambitious individuals who are keen to please our clients. Our business is big enough to fully serve your needs, yet small enough to still truly care about the work we are creating.

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Our Environmental Vision

Ourselves along with many other professionals are now focusing on ‘sustainability’. With the ever-changing world with which we live, we must strive to do our part to protect ourselves, our children, and our Planet wherever we can.