Ourselves along with many other professionals are now focusing on ‘sustainability’. With the ever-changing world with which we live, we must strive to do our part to protect ourselves, our children, and our Planet wherever we can.

In the building and manufacturing industries, it can be harder to source products that DO NOT have a detrimental effect on our environment.

Hand Crafting kitchens and Furniture involves the use of many products, namely Resins, Glues, Adhesives, Silicons, Wood Fillers, Paints, and many more. All of which commonly contain harmful oils, additives, and such like.

Our Wood

At Thomas Matthew we are proud supporters of a greener world. We want to be able to provide our customers, business partners, and professionals with more choices when it comes to crafting their desired pieces.

With this growing public awareness of the environment and environmental issues, and with many customers specifically requesting certified timber, we have made positive moves towards stocking products originating from sustainable and correctly managed forests, and in particular FSC® certified products. (FSC® products have their forest of origin independently inspected and evaluated according to environmental, social and economic criteria agreed by the Forest Stewardship Council AC.)

FSC® (the Forest Stewardship Council) is an international, non-profit making association whose membership includes environmental and social groups and progressive forestry and wood retail companies working in partnership to improve forest management worldwide.

The materials we use have been produced under the Programme for the Endorsement of Certification schemes (PEFC) and the American Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). The Group aims to adopt environmental standards at least equal to legal requirements and to integrate environmental considerations into its decision making in such areas as transport, energy usage, treatment plants, waste disposal, and health and safety.

Every two seconds an area of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed. Yet here in the UK you can still buy furniture, books, cards, and other products made from illegally or unsustainably sourced wood.

Thomas Matthew supports the WWF Forest Campaign to tackle this, follow this link to add your name to this important petition and sign up now.