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By Thomas Matthew

When it comes to fitted wardrobes in Dorchester, we know you’re looking for something special, so why not take the hassle out of it? Our bespoke bedroom furniture is tailored to suit your individual tastes and needs. With an extensive range available along with our expertise in creating storage solutions that are both stylish and practical – there’s no need go elsewhere!

Fitted Wardrobes Dorchester

It is our goal to provide the best wardrobe installations in Dorchester. We love seeing satisfied customers, and it’s because of this most of our fitted wardrobes come from customer referrals. All of our bedroom units are made using only top quality materials, created right here by British hands doing what they know best- creating a beautifully made fitted wardrobes that will last years.

Fitted furniture

Custom-built wardrobes are a great way to personalize your space and make it feel like home. Whether you need something large or small, our team has the perfect solution for every situation! Bespoke designs that maximize functionality without sacrificing aesthetics – its what makes good furniture

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Why Fitted Furniture From Thomas Matthew?

We have been proudly serving our community for a decade. We care deeply about the people we serve and strive to provide a personalised service on all of their bespoke fitted wardrobes, built-in wardrobes & custom furniture pieces. They know they can rely on Thomas Matthew to get the job done right, on time and within budget.


Bespoke fitted wardrobes

At Thomas Matthew, we understand that everyone’s storage needs are unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of bespoke wardrobe solutions that can be customized to fit any space. From traditional hinged doors to sliding doors and drawers, we have a solution to suit every need. And because our wardrobes are made to measure, you can be sure that they will perfectly complement your existing décor. Whether you’re looking for extra storage for your clothes or want to create a more organized living space, bespoke fitted wardrobes can help you make the most of your home.

Walk in wardrobes are a practical and stylish solution for storage in the bedroom. By definition, a walk in wardrobe is a wardrobe that is big enough to walk into. This type of wardrobe gives you the ability to see all of your clothes at once, making it easy to choose an outfit for the day. Whether you prefer open shelves or closed cabinets, walk in wardrobes can be designed to meet your individual requirements.

Angled wardrobes are a great way to make use of difficult or awkward spaces in your home. This can be a great way to utilise the space under a sloping ceiling, for example, or to fill an empty corner. So if you’re looking for a way to make use of that difficult corner in your bedroom, consider an angled wardrobe. You may be surprised at how much storage space you can create.

Sliding door wardrobes are a great way to save space in your bedroom. Rather than swinging open, sliding door wardrobes open by sliding along a track. This means they can be opened and closed in much tighter spaces. Sliding door wardrobes are also available in a range of styles to suit any bedroom.

No more messy, crowded bedrooms. We know how important it is to have the right bedroom storage. Our beautiful designs will make your space jam-packed with clever solutions for all of storage needs.

Come and experience the perfect study, sleeping or relaxing space with our amazing wardrobe designs for children. We have something for everyone! Book a free design consultation today.

"Your home is a reflection of who you are and what you love. Make it spectacular with our fitted furniture"

Sustainably Sourced

All of our materials are from reputable suppliers that practice ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes

Quality Workmanship

Each job is carried out to the same high standard, going through multiple quality checks before leaving our workshop 

10 Year Guarantee

Using the best modern and traditional manufacturing methods & high quality materials, we offer all our clients a 10 year guarantee

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Our Ethos

We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations, competitively pricing, without compromising on finish. To ensure not only the finest workmanship, but also the highest quality materials are used in all our bespoke fitted furniture.

Your Trusted Advisor

With a variety of  options at your fingertips, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Here at Thomas Matthew, we are dedicated to helping you get the wardrobes you deserve! Our job is to guide and assist you, openly and honestly explaining any pro’s & con’s of each material or product in question, we aim to educate & inform you, so you can feel confident that each decision you’re making is the right one.

Let Creativity Blossom

You are unique, your needs are unique, innovative designs allow us to infuse your individual styles and tastes into your fitted furniture. Our designers take the time to listen, and really understand what you are thinking, this helps us to create and tailor our designs to suit you.

Our Finishes

All of our bespoke furniture finishing is done in house, from spray painting to hand painted finishes. With a variety of colours to choose, from the likes of Farrow & Ball or Little Green, we guarantee stunning results every project, helping you get your dream bedroom.

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