Handleless Wardrobes

By Thomas Matthew

 Discover a new dimension of elegance and functionality with our range of handless wardrobes. By eliminating conventional handles, we offer streamlined, modern design solutions that enhance the aesthetics of your space while improving accessibility and making your daily routine smoother.

Why Choose Handleless Designs for Your Wardrobe?

 Handleless wardrobes aren’t just a design trend; they’re a lifestyle innovation. They effortlessly merge practicality and design, offering a sleek, clutter-free look. They’re especially suited for smaller spaces, eliminating the risk of snagging clothes or bumping into protruding handles. Plus, they’re child safe!

Handle-less fitted wardrobes
Handleless wardrobes finshed in white

The Artistry Behind Our Handle-less Wardrobes

 Our handless wardrobes are a testament to fine craftsmanship mixed with cutting-edge technology. By integrating handle-free access systems and using high-quality materials, we provide not just a product but a precisely engineered storage solution that complements your home decor.

Customized Solutions

 We celebrate diversity in home design by providing custom solutions. Whether you crave a minimalist look or a vibrant, unique design, we cater to your style preferences and requirements. Our experts guide you through every step, ensuring your handless wardrobe truly resonates with your personal taste.

Diverse Range of Finishes and Materials

 From rich wood finishes to sleek laminates, we showcase a variety of materials to realize your design vision. Our selection allows you to pick the perfect match for your interiors, ensuring your handless wardrobe becomes an integrated part of your home’s charm.

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Why choose Thomas Matthew For Your Handleless Fitted Wardrobes?

Choosing us for your handless fitted wardrobes means inviting industry-leading quality, unmatched customer-centric service, and an array of designs tailored to suit your unique style seamlessly into your living space. Our experts are gifted in unravelling the finest details to enhance the functionality and style of your space through ingeniously crafted, handless wardrobes. We are well-versed in carefully blending timeless craftsmanship with contemporary trend forecasts, ultimately offering solutions that promise longevity while effortlessly maintaining aesthetic flair.

"Your home is a reflection of who you are and what you love. Make it spectacular with our handleless bedroom furniture"

Sustainably Sourced

All of our materials are from reputable suppliers that practice ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes

Quality Workmanship

Each job is carried out to the same high standard, going through multiple quality checks before leaving our workshop 

10 Year Guarantee

Using the best modern and traditional manufacturing methods & high quality materials, we offer all our clients a 10 year guarantee

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Our Ethos

We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations, competitively pricing, without compromising on finish. To ensure not only the finest workmanship, but also the highest quality materials are used in all our bespoke fitted furniture.

Your Trusted Advisor

With a variety of  options at your fingertips, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Here at Thomas Matthew, we are dedicated to helping you get the wardrobes you deserve! Our job is to guide and assist you, openly and honestly explaining any pro’s & con’s of each material or product in question, we aim to educate & inform you, so you can feel confident that each decision you’re making is the right one.

Let Creativity Blossom

You are unique, your needs are unique, innovative designs allow us to infuse your individual styles and tastes into your fitted furniture. Our designers take the time to listen, and really understand what you are thinking, this helps us to create and tailor our designs to suit you.

Our Finishes

All of our bespoke furniture finishing is done in house, from spray painting to hand painted finishes. With a variety of colours to choose, from the likes of Farrow & Ball or Little Green, we guarantee stunning results every project, helping you get your dream bedroom.

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