Should I Decorate Before or After Fitted Wardrobes?

The short answer is you can do ether. We generally recommend decorating after installation, due to touching up caulk or any walls that may get marked.

But lets delve a little deeper and see some of the advantages and disadvantages of decorating before wardrobes are fitted.

When planning a room makeover or redesign, the sequence of tasks can significantly impact the outcome and the efficiency of the project.

A frequently asked question in interior designing is whether to decorate before or after installing fitted wardrobes in Dorset. Both approaches have their merits, and here we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make an informed decision.

Decorating Before Installing Fitted Wardrobes:


  1. Complete Room Transformation: By decorating first, you can completely revamp the look and feel of the room without the wardrobes obstructing the process. This allows for seamless painting, wallpapering, or other decorating tasks.

  2. Fewer Restrictions: You won’t need to cut around or work in tight spaces, which is especially beneficial for activities like wallpapering or painting.

  3. Protection for the Wardrobe: Painting or wallpapering after installing wardrobes can expose them to potential paint splatters or damage. Decorating beforehand eliminates this risk.

  4. Clearer Vision: Seeing the room’s new decor can help in finalizing the design, color, and finish of the wardrobe, ensuring they complement each other.


  1. Potential for Damage: The process of installing wardrobes can inadvertently lead to scuffs or marks on the newly decorated walls or floor.

  2. Measurement Adjustments: Any decoration that adds thickness to the walls, like certain types of wall paneling, might affect the measurements for the wardrobe.

Decorating After Installing Fitted Wardrobes:


  1. Precision in Decorating: Decorating after allows you to work around the wardrobes, ensuring precise application, especially when it comes to cutting wallpaper or molding.

  2. Cost Efficiency: Since the wardrobe will cover a portion of the wall, there might be less wall area to decorate, possibly saving on paint or wallpaper costs.

  3. Protection for the Room: If any modifications or adjustments are needed during the wardrobe installation, having the room undecorated can prevent any significant damage to the decor.


  1. Working in Confined Spaces: Decorating around fitted wardrobes can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to achieve a consistent look or pattern.

  2. Potential for Wardrobe Damage: Just as decorating first can risk the wardrobe’s aesthetics, decorating afterward can pose risks to the wardrobe, especially from paint drips or wallpaper adhesive.

  3. Time Consumption: Decorating around wardrobes might be more time-consuming due to the care needed to work in confined spaces and the potential need for more touch-ups.


The decision to decorate before or after installing fitted wardrobes largely depends on your priorities.

If you’re aiming for a seamless decorating job and are confident in the wardrobe installation process, it might be best to decorate first.

On the other hand, if you want to save on decorating materials and are more concerned about potential damage during installation, you might opt to decorate after. Whichever you choose, careful planning and consultation with professionals can ensure a beautiful and harmonious room transformation.

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