Built In Wardrobes For Small Bedrooms

If you’re one of the many people who live in a home with limited space, having a small bedroom can be a challenge. However, there are some ideas that can help you maximize every inch of the room.

By utilizing innovative storage solutions and selecting versatile furniture & built in wardrobes, you can transform even the tiniest bedroom into a cozy and practical space.

Whether you need extra storage space or want to increase your seating options, these tips will assist you in optimizing your small bedroom.

Day beds For extra storage space

Day beds are a practical and efficient way to utilize space in a small bedroom. They serve as a dual-purpose piece of furniture by functioning as both a bed and a sofa during the daytime. During the day, you can use a day bed as a comfortable seating area for reading, working, or lounging.

At night, it transforms into a cozy sleeping area. Additionally, day beds often come with built-in storage solutions, such as drawers or shelves, which can be helpful in small bedrooms where storage space is limited.

By using a day bed, you can save valuable floor space that would have been occupied by a separate bed and sofa. This makes day beds an excellent choice for small bedrooms, as they offer a functional and space-saving solution for both sleeping and seating needs.

Turn your small room into the perfect home office

If you are among the countless individuals who now work from home, you might feel that your small room is beginning to feel cramped.

Fortunately, there are some uncomplicated ways to transform your small box room into a home office that provides you with the space and privacy you need to focus on your work.

Initially, consider relocating your bed to one side of the room to optimize space usage. Subsequently, add a desk and chair near a window to allow natural light and put up some floating shelves.

Lastly, make sure to adorn the area with items that will enhance productivity and motivation, such as a plant or inspiring art or a feature wall. With a few easy modifications, you can convert your compact space into a peaceful and efficient home office

Make Your Small Space Seem Larger With Natural Light

Those who have lived in a small space understand the significance of using natural light to create the illusion of a larger room. After all, there is only so much you can do with limited square footage. Nevertheless, with a touch of creativity, even the tiniest room can feel capacious and open.

  1. Use Curtains to Your Advantage: Heavy curtains can block natural light, making it tough to maximize what you have. Instead, opt for curtains that are sheer or light in color, which allow natural light to brighten the room.

  2. Use Mirrors to Reflect Light: Placing mirrors on the walls and opposite windows can help reflect natural light throughout the space. This is particularly useful in rooms with limited natural light.

  3. Declutter Your Space: A cluttered room can make even the most spacious rooms feel cramped and dark. Remove any unnecessary items that are taking up space and give yourself more room to move around and enjoy the natural light.

  4. Lighten Up Your Paint Color: Choose light paint colors, such as whites or pastels, to paint your walls. Light walls help reflect natural light and create a welcoming space.

  5. Add Reflective Surfaces: Adding reflective surfaces, such as glass or metallic finishes to your d├ęcor, can help reflect natural light throughout the room. This can make the space feel much larger and more open.

  6. Keep Windows Clean: Clean windows allow natural light to flow into the space. Make sure to remove any dirt, grime, or streaks from your windows regularly to maximize the amount of light coming in.

Sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding door wardrobes are a stylish, innovative and space saving solution for small bedrooms.

When space is at a premium, you don’t have to sacrifice form for functionality – sliding doors wardrobes make effective use of the room’s available area by providing ample storage while taking up zero floor space.

Instead of traditional hinged doors that require clearance, these sleek wardrobes use smooth channel runners along the top and bottom which allow the doors to be opened without obstruction.

Choose from an array of designs to truly customize your bedroom and maximize its potential. Get one today and experience the luxurious convenience of a sliding door wardrobe! For more fitted wardrobe ideas check out our article for some inspiration.

Create More floor space in your Small bedroom

Irrespective of the size of your home, finding adequate storage space is always a challenge. Box rooms, being the smallest room in the house, can be especially problematic when it comes to maximizing both floor space and storage.

However, with a few clever tips, you can optimize your box room and create a stylish and functional area. Firstly, consider the purpose of the room. If it’s primarily for storage, investing in well-designed built-in shelving, cupboards, or a small desk and office chair may be useful.

Additionally, utilizing the hidden storage potential of a small bedroom can maximize the space available. Finally, incorporating multi-functional furniture can be advantageous. A daybed can double as both a seating area and a guest bed, while a trunk can be utilized as a coffee table or additional storage. With careful planning, a small bedroom can be transformed into a versatile and practical space.

Turn your box room into a walk in wardrobe

For many fashion enthusiasts, a walk-in wardrobe is a coveted feature that provides extensive storage for clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as a full-length mirror for outfit trials.

However, walk-in wardrobes can be costly to construct, and many homes lack the available space. Fortunately, if you have a box room, you can effortlessly transform it into a chic walk-in wardrobe with built-in storage.

First, give the room a thorough cleaning and declutter any unnecessary items. Then, install some shelves and hanging rails to maximise storage capacity. Include a full-length mirror, some soft lighting, and a comfortable seating option to transform your extra bedroom into a dreamy dressing area that’s perfect for trying on new outfits.

Get In Contact Today To Discuss your small bedroom fitted wardrobes requirements

Whether you’re looking to optimize your limited space or wanting to add functionality and style to your bedroom, we can assist you. If you need extra storage or want to make the most out of your tricky spaces, contact us for a free quote on our services. We’ll be happy to help you get started and turn your small rooms into the perfect space.

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