How To Modernise Old Fitted Wardrobes

Do you have an outdated fitted wardrobe that is making your bedroom look dull and lacklustre? Are you looking for a bold way to modernise your space without draining your bank account? You’re in luck, because there are numerous ways to give your old fitted wardrobes a fresh update! From changing the look of the frame or doors to adding decorative accessories, we’ll provide all the tips and tricks necessary to transform your out-of-date wardrobe into one that looks like it belongs in a high-end magazine spread. So if you’re ready to take on this home improvement project with confidence, let’s get started.

  1. Replace the wardrobe doors.

  2. Paint it.

  3. Add mirrors to create a more contemporary and spacious look.

  4. Add some wall paper to add a pop of colour and interest.

  5. Upgrade the interior of the wardrobe with new hanging rails, shoe racks, and other organizers to make it more practical and functional for your needs

  6. Install LED’s

  7. Change door knobs & handles

  8. Swap hinged for sliding doors

  9. New decorative mouldings, beads and panels

  10. Try adding a cornice

Replace the Wardrobe Doors

If you’re looking to modernise an old built in wardrobe, changing the existing doors can be a great way to give it a fresh look and new lease of life without breaking the bank. Swapping out outdated, heavy wooden doors for sleek, contemporary ones can instantly transform the look and feel of your built in wardrobes. For a minimalist and modern look, you can opt for simple, flat panel doors in a neutral colour such as white, black, or grey. Alternatively, you can choose panelled doors such as the shaker or decorative beading to add interest and depth. Sliding doors are another popular option that can save space and create a streamlined look. With a wide range of materials, styles, and colours available, changing your wardrobe doors can be an affordable and effective way to update your bedroom and modernise your old fitted wardrobe.

Paint It

One of the easiest and quickest ways to give old fitted wardrobes a make over is to paint them. Not only will this involve a relatively low cost and effort, it can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of the room. Painting your fitted wardrobe doors should not be difficult, for tips and advice on how to paint your wardrobes check out our guide. When choosing a colour, consider the overall colour scheme of your bedroom and opt for a shade that complements it. For a modern and contemporary look, popular colours include shades of grey, blue, green, and even black. You can also add a pattern or texture to the doors to make them stand out and add visual interest to the space. This can be done with stencils, wallpaper, or even hand-painted designs. Ultimately, with a few hours of hard work and some creativity, you can revitalise your old fittings for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.

Add mirrors to create a more contemporary and spacious look

Mirrors & mirrored doors are an easy and cost effective way to achieve a contemporary look in your wardrobe. Not only do they create the illusion of a larger space and reflect natural light around the bedroom, but they make finding the perfect outfit in the morning easier than ever. With their ability to lighten up dark spaces and instantly invite luxury into any room, mirrors installed on an old wardrobe are the perfect addition to give any small bedroom a modern edge and revamp your space.

Add some wall paper for a pop of colour and interest

Adding wallpaper to your wardrobes is an excellent way to create a unique and personalized look in any room. It can be used as a simple way to bring colour into a space that may have been previously dull or boring. You can also combine patterns, textures, and colours for even greater visual appeal. In addition, using wallpaper to customize your wardrobes can save you time and money versus having expensive furniture refinished. So, don’t hesitate to add wallpaper to your wardrobes today in order to create an eye-catching style that will stand out from the ordinary.

Upgrade the interiors of your old built in wardrobes

Upgrading the interior design of your built-in wardrobes with pull-out drawers, shelves, new hanging rails, shoe racks, and other organizers can make the space much more practical and functional for your needs. Adding pull-out drawers to your wardrobe or shelves can provide additional bedroom storage space and help keep your items organized and easy to find. Installing new hanging rails or adjusting the height of existing ones can allow you to hang different types of clothes, such as longer dresses or shorter shirts. Adding a shoe rack or shelving unit for shoes can help keep them off the floor and neatly organized. You can also add other organizers, such as jewellery drawers or built-in lighting, to make the space more user-friendly and practical. Overall, upgrading the interiors of your built-in wardrobes can help you make the most of the space, while also ensuring that your clothes, shoes, and other items are organized and easy to access.

Drawer Organisers
walk in closet

Install LED Lighting

By installing lights inside or outside of your fitted wardrobes, you can add an unexpected touch of sophistication to your space. With a variety of lighting options available, from LEDs to battery-powered lights, you can take the time to explore all the possibilities before deciding what will work best for you. Adding lights inside your wardrobe can make it easier to find and organize your clothes, especially in low light conditions. External lights can provide ambient lighting and create a more inviting and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. Regardless of the type of lighting you choose, incorporating it into your fitted wardrobes can add both function and style to your space.

Change the door knobs & handles

Upgrading the appearance of your fitted wardrobes can be as easy as replacing their knobs and door handles with new ones. With a variety of stylish options available both online and at local home improvement stores, finding something unique and in line with your personal taste is easily achievable. Whether you prefer sleek and modern, ornate and traditional, or something in between, swapping out the existing hardware can give your wardrobes a fresh new look without requiring any major renovations. With just a simple change of knobs and handles, you can elevate the style and update the overall aesthetic of your fitted wardrobes.

Swap hinged doors for sliding doors

Sliding door wardrobes offer several benefits over traditional hinged door wardrobes. One of the biggest advantages is that they can help save on floor space in smaller bedrooms, as they do not require any clearance space in front of the wardrobe to swing open the doors. This can be particularly helpful in cramped or tight spaces where every inch counts. In addition, sliding door wardrobes are available in a wide range of designs, styles, and finishes, so they can be customized to suit any decor or personal taste. Overall, if you’re looking to maximize space and simplify your bedroom storage, a sliding door wardrobe can be a practical and stylish choice.

New decorative mouldings, beads and panels

Adding new decorative mouldings, beads, and panels can be a great way to modernize old fitted wardrobes and give them a fresh new look. By incorporating these design elements, you can transform a plain and outdated wardrobe into a stylish and eye-catching feature in your bedroom. Mouldings can be used to add depth and dimension to the doors and frames of the wardrobe, while beads can create intricate patterns and textures. Panels can be used to break up large, flat surfaces and add interest and contrast to the overall design. There are many different styles and finishes to choose from, so you can customize the look to fit your personal taste and existing decor. Additionally, adding these design elements can be a cost-effective way to upgrade the appearance of your wardrobe without the need for a complete replacement. Overall, adding decorative mouldings, beads, and panels can be a simple yet effective way to modernize and refresh your old fitted wardrobes.

Add a cornice

Adding a cornice to a fitted wardrobe is a simple and effective way to enhance its overall look and aesthetic. A cornice is a decorative moulding that is typically used to add a finishing touch to the top of a piece of furniture or cabinetry. When added to a fitted wardrobe, a cornice can help to create a more cohesive and polished look, while also drawing attention to the wardrobe itself. Additionally, a cornice can be used to conceal any gaps or imperfections between the wardrobe and the ceiling, creating a more seamless and professional finish. There are many different styles and finishes of cornices to choose from, so you can select one that complements your existing decor or personal taste. Overall, adding a cornice to a fitted wardrobe can be a simple yet effective way to elevate its appearance and give it a more polished and refined look.

Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the key to modernising old fitted wardrobes is to find ways to make them fit with your current aesthetic. You can choose to paint them, or you can opt for contemporary doors, or even install a decorative mirror as an accent point. Depending on your budget and the amount of time you are willing to spend on the project, there are countless ways you can transform old fitted wardrobes into something that feels brand new. Not only will it look stylish, it will also help free up space in your home. Regardless of the approach you take, modernising an old wardrobe requires patience and commitment — but with these few simple tricks at your disposal, you’ll be able to create an amazing wardrobe in no time!